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Cindy Zu-

Cindy Zu is an Ex-Wall Street investment banker turned Seattle AI techie. She is a Chief Strategist and Biz Dev expert with deep industry connections and proven track record. Cindy is an aspiring CEO with a passion for all things strategy, management, and culture. Her entire career has been to add to her toolbox and wear as many hats as possible. She prides herself in being able to widen the aperture and take a 10,000ft view of the situation.

Cindy is an experienced global sales and finance professional with experience working in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Washington DC, and Seattle. Cindy’s global experience ranges from a Fortune 500 company to a consulting firm to a bulge bracket bank to an early stage startup. These experiences have given her a strong professional background with an in depth understanding of the global financial systems.
Most recently, she’s been the face of a Seattle based AI startup, creating and branding a product while establishing the company reputation throughout the industry. She strategically created the company’s digital marketing, PR, and social media presence. Cindy pitched the company at trade shows attended by audiences of over 20,000 people.

Cindy earned a degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of Rochester and graduated high school from Singapore American School.


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