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  • Christian Höferle is the owner and founder of The Culture Mastery /Ep2761

Christian Höferle is the owner and founder of The Culture Mastery /Ep2761

As the owner and founder of The Culture Mastery, Christian Höferle is a cross-cultural business consultant, an international speaker, an experienced program facilitator, an NLP Master, a certified BANKcode trainer, as well as a coach, mentor, and mastermind facilitator..

German by birth, American by choice, and Bavarian at heart, Christian is a fan of building bridges and not enthusiastic about walls. With his company, The Culture Mastery, he helps people close the gaps between their home culture and the cultures they are working with. His mission is to lead people to a better understanding of cultures, so they can work at their peak and in peace with each other. His goal is to create peace by helping people from different cultures understand each other better. His clients know that “soft skills” are, in fact, hard. They come to him because they want to develop their ICE-Q (=IQ+CQ+EQ).

Coming from a bilingual and bicultural background, Christian has been working on various levels of cultural consulting/coaching/training, translation & interpretation and relocation assistance. People call him The Culture Guy and he hosts a podcast with that title.


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