Chris Kalaboukis, visionary disruptive innovator, prolific inventor,.../EP 1997

Chris Kalaboukis, visionary disruptive innovator, prolific inventor,…/EP 1997

Chris Kalaboukis on #12minconvos with Engel Jones

Chris Kalaboukis-

Chris Kalaboukis is a visionary disruptive innovator, prolific inventor, speaker, and futurist. He is the co-founder of helloFUTURE, a global foresight, innovation, and patent development consultancy specializing in the development of innovative new products, services, patents and strategies for financial services, technology, media, and retail/e-commerce companies. He is also named on 74 patents in the internet, social networking, and fintech space.


An experienced technologist, he has architected, and launched a multitude of apps, both web, and mobile. A serial entrepreneur, he has helmed several startups from inception to launch.


He has authored several books on innovation and the future and blogs and podcasts at

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