1987:Chris J Bradshaw is producer & host of the China Jedi podcast

1987:Chris J Bradshaw is producer & host of the China Jedi podcast

Chris J Bradshaw-

Chris J Bradshaw is producer & host of the China Jedi podcast and a health, marketing and education professional. He is an energetic, creative, goal orientated leader and coach who excels at serving and inspiring others, generating powerful results and thriving business.

Chris J Bradshaw is a Certified Health Coach and an accredited member of the IAHC (International Association for Health Coaches). He is the CEO of CJB Health Consultancy Ltd, specializing in professional educational services for the medical, healthcare and wellness industry, the founder of the HiMyDr International Medical Clinic and the Producer and Host of the China Jedi Podcast Series.

Although originally from the UK, Chris has spent many years in Japan, China and India. He has come to believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being, which provides more attention and awareness to prevention rather than cure, through healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices such as good diet and regular exercise. He works predominantly with busy and overworked professionals who have lots of stress, issues with their digestive systems and want support to eat more healthily, get in better shape and have more energy.

Chris received his training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City and is certified by the American association of drugless practitioners (AADP). Before becoming a Health Coach, he earned a B.Sc.(Hons) in Genetics & Management at the University of Liverpool, before completing research and attaining an M.Msc in Metaphysical Sciences investigating the existence of Human Energy Fields and their potential for revolutionizing our knowledge of health and medicine.

Chris is a friendly and energetic person with an infectious enthusiasm for life. He is passionate about serving, inspiring, helping and instructing others on how to improve their lives and overall happiness by first achieving their health and wellbeing goals. He offers both individual and group health and nutrition coaching programs to China expats, professionals and entrepreneurs, team building retreats and wellness plans for schools and businesses and he’s a fun and creative workshop presenter and public speaker.

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