376:Chloe Hung is an actuarial science and finance graduate from the USA

376:Chloe Hung is an actuarial science and finance graduate from the USA

Chloe Hung-

Chloe Hung is an actuarial science and finance graduate from the USA. She loves a challenge and has a passion for mathematics. Chloe received top scores in math in high school and passed all of her exams with flying colors. Upon high school graduation, Chloe heard that actuarial science was one of the most difficult university degrees to pursue. This prompted her to be one out of only two students from her high school to pursue it.

She encountered her first failure when attempting her first actuarial professional paper. Her second failure was her second attempt on that same paper. Tenacious and refusing to give up, Chloe worked harder and succeeded on her third attempt at that project. Her second paper required only two attempts. Chloe’s persistence in her professional exams allowed her to complete her university degree with two actuarial professional papers in hand. One year after her university graduation, Chloe completed two more papers, getting better each time!

Chloe Hung hopes to help math enthusiasts and actuarial students decide if actuarial science is the right pursuit for them. Actuarial exams are not for the faint of heart. Chloe believes—and knows from first-hand experience—that a good, successful actuary must have the passion, the right mind-set, the right attitude, and a lot of determination. With light-hearted language, she has penned her book, Strength In Numbers to help students understand what being an actuary really means. She hopes to inspire passionate actuarial students, to keep pushing them toward success in their actuarial exams, and even to meet them in their actuarial journey.


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