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  • Chip Munn specializes in retirement, education planning, and the transfer of wealth /Ep 2920

Chip Munn graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clemson University, earning a degree in education. Chip was selected as an Academic All American by USA Today. Though he began his career as a teacher in a formal education setting, he quickly realized that his teaching skills could translate into a career in wealth management, and he transitioned into finance.

In 2015, Munn was ranked among the Top 10 Regional Advisors Under 40 by On Wall Street magazine. Since then, as the CEO and Visionary of Signature Wealth, he’s driven the expansion of the practice from a small three-person team to a regional wealth management group with 30+ team members thriving in more than 10 local communities, and has seen it grow from $280M in client assets under care to almost $1.3B since 2016.

Munn specializes in retirement, education planning, and the transfer of wealth. Seeing his clients fulfilling their dreams and living their Signature Life is what drives him. In addition to being the author of The Retirement Remix, he’s a popular podcast host (The Retirement Remix and Maximum Advisor) and coach to other advisors and professionals.


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