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Today I spoke with Lindsay McKinnon.At the beginning of our call Lindsay stepped away from having lunch with a friend because the connection wasn’t the best. She suggested that it may be better if she went into her car and so she did. However after starting the recording there was a bit of a cut out. I then asked Lindsay if she would be willing to re-schedule since I did not want to make it challenging for the Amazing Audience listeners. She agreed and said that the next conversation we have would be even better.

Would you believe that right then the connection improved? Amazing!

The recording continued and Lindsay answered these thought-provoking questions asked by me on the podcast. Lindsay’s podcast will air by Feb 13th. So ahead of time I write all of this to share something Lindsay shared with me when I asked her the question- “Do you have children?”

She responded with an explanation of how she lost her two boys who tragically died in a house fire 9 months ago. Sometimes a 12 minutes conversation is just not enough. I immediately offered my condolences.

We completed the recorded conversation and I asked her if this was her first podcast. She said Yes!

WOW! One of my goals for 2016 was to be “Most Trusted Voice”.

Someone trusted me enough to recommend to Lindsay to share her story and for that I am honored. Lindsay is adamant to share the importance of checking your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers regularly. I cannot begin to imagine the pain she has lived through. I can imagine the success that is going to come because she has decided now to begin to share that pain. My hope is that she will stand as a beacon of HOPE!Lindsay said, “Make every moment count”

Lindsay- THANK YOU!!! You have inspired me! All we truly have is NOW!

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