231: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Charlie Birch

231: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Charlie Birch

Charlie Birch

Charlie Birch is a co-founder and the director of program development at Rebel + Connect.  Before joining the Rebel + Connect team, she spent three years pursuing a coaching practice. Additionally, during those same three years her side hustle included but was limited to Uber driver, Airbnb host, nanny, virtual assistant, and brand ambassador.



At Rebel + Connect we work with the leaders of remote teams, empowering them use retreats as a strategic tool to enhance worker experience and company culture.


  • Rebel + Connect VIP Membership: An exclusive community of like-minded remote leaders from across the globe that provides access to a library of curated resources and vetted network providers selected for their relevance to remote team management.
  • Discovery Package: One-on-one coaching on program development, company travel, and event management.
  • Atlas Package: Customized consulting to guide you to connections with the right providers; this will make your retreat a huge success.
  • Concierge Package: Project management to help you bring your retreat vision to life.


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