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Catherine Storing- 

Catherine Storing: My name is Catherine Storing and I am the founder of Styling Faith. I started my practice as a Style Coach, but with time I realized my services were lacking a key component: confidence building. It wasn’t just about the coaching anymore, I loved talking to women about the way they look and help them see how their style affects their confidence and their success.

This is why years ago I change my business title to Fashion Stylist, Confidence Building Coach & Woman of Faith. We offer comprehensive styling tools to help you define and step out in style that is meaningful.

What we do:

Styling Faith is a full service style firm. We offer coaching and stylist services for women and a few brave men who want to step out #AllKindsOfFine for their purpose.

When you work with Catherine Storing, you are taking advantage of:

  • More than twenty-years of styling experience
  • Tools to look great on the outside and inside as well; to express yourself in a meaningful and beautiful way through your clothing and accessories
  • God-centric content that will transform you from the inside out


How are you doing? [01:04]
What’s new in your world? [01:18]
What’s the name of your recent book? [01:51]
When you say teach your easy, what was that mean? [02:22]
Failures are the key to help others, would you agree? [02:55]
How is helping inner confidence with others going? [03:29]
Do you have any regrets looking back from now to then? [4:15]
How does it make you feel looking back where you stay to who you are? [04:55]
How is what you have been doing affected your daughter? [05:28]
Your father is a pastor who puts tremendous in your life, How is he going? [06:06]
Where is the best place for someone to connect with you? [07:10]
How important is the finance in the business? [8:30] 
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience [10:04]





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