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Catherine Saykaly-Stevens-

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is an author, a speaker, and a trainer who has worked in IT for over 20 years. She is the owner of The Networking Web where she shows writers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and content creators how to expedite fan engagement and online reach & influence.  She does this with the Social Media Quick Start Program’, a 10-week, step-by-step system.

She is also the co-creator of Emergency Hashtags, an Evolutionary Business Council initiative to save lives and get people to safety during an urban crisis.

She is a blogger and a host of 3 Facebook LIVE shows:

  • (Evolutionary Business Council), EBC LIVE – Expand Your Reach – co-host
  • Writers’ Power 3rd Hour – host
  • Social Media Power 3rd Hour – host

She is an active member of both the Evolutionary Business Council, and the Canadian writers’ festival, When Words Collide. Most recently, she has become the Dean of Digital Media for Social Buzz U.

Sharing how to create, support, and lead communities is Catherine’s passion.

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