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Kerstin Cable is the writer and educator behind fluentlanguage.co.uk

Kerstin Cable Kerstin Cable is the writer and educator behind http://www.fluentlanguage.co.uk, a website helping everyone build a language learning habit.  Kerstin a native German speaker and comes from the beautiful Moselle valley. She studied 6 languages in Germany and then packed them up and moved England, where she added her most recent language crush, Welsh. She is…

Deborah Sawyerr, entrepreneur, public speaker and author /Ep2033

Deborah SawyerrDeborah Sawyerr is an entrepreneur, an international public speaker and published author. She is an expert money literacy educator for kids.She is a survivor and subject matter expert who advocates against domestic violence suffered by women. She focuses on teaching women who are victims and survivors to create wealth where money problems are contributing factors…

Tanya Obeng, Owner and Artistic Director of Lifted and Gifted Education

Tanya Obeng - Tanya Obeng is the Owner and Artistic Director of Lifted and Gifted Education. She has two hats, one as the owner of her business, and the other as Tanya the communication doctor, a consultancy for developing positive communication in the workplace through drama. Tanya has worked in education for 15 years teaching…

Dr Haidar Al Hakim is here to share, teach and enrich all areas of your life

Dr.Haidar Al Hakim Dr.Haidar Al Hakim: I’m an author, international speaker, ophthalmic surgeon and burnout/mindset coach — helping doctors and success-driven entrepreneurs stay focused, stable, fulfilled, and in touch with their purpose. Whatever that purpose may be. In short: Helping people just like you to avoid professional burnout and personal despair.Dr. Haidar Al-hakim aka ‘Dr. Bond’…