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Laura Wallace is the CEO + Creative Director at worx&co, Host of The Gutsy Podcast, speaker, author, and all around visionary /Ep2582

Laura Wallace- Laura Wallace is the Owner and Creative Director at Worx Graphic Design. In 2007 while expecting her son, Kandon, she took a risk to start a new business. Nearly 10 years later, her business is an award winning design studio with 3 employees. Laura married her high school sweet heart, AJ and will be celebrating…

Morgana Rae is the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach /Ep2581

Morgana Rae-  “Money Goddess” MORGANA RAE is a ten-time international #1 best selling author and mentor coach with over 24 years as a pioneer in personal development. She is widely regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach. (Ask Google!) A guest expert on ABC, NBC, FOX News, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Coast…

Kathy Gruver helps improve communication, decrease stress and encourage different choices when it comes to life and work /Ep2549

Kathy Gruver- Kathy Gruver, PhD has graced stages on four continents (including 2 TEDx), three cruise ships and a handful of islands. Her combination of humor, performance background, real life experience and formal education makes her a well-rounded, in-demand speaker. She hosts the TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and has earned her PhD in Natural […]


Skip Weisman Helps SMB Owners Create Employees That Think, Act, and Make Decisions Like Business Owners to Grow Your Company 25-50% /Ep2579

Skip Weisman- Skip Weisman: Since 2002 I’ve been helping business owners, with 6-100 employees and $1-$10 million in revenue change good, but mediocre, stagnant employees into high performing teams that think, act, and feel like business owners that make decisions and take action in the best interest of their company. This leads to highly productive…

Tony Winyard helps small businesses increase the price they sell their services & products for, via talks & workshops /Ep2572

Tony Winyard- Tony Winyard: I'm a father of an amazing 10 year-old girl.I was an international club DJ and worked around the world for 12 years living in 11 different countries and working for some of the richest people on the planet.Worked on radio for 8 years and interviewed scores of famous celebrities such as…

Lyndon Brathwaite is a young entrepreneur with a passion for seeing Trinidad & Tobago and its people develop to become an example of the Caribbean region for productivity /Ep2571

Lyndon Brathwaite- Lyndon is a young entrepreneur with a passion for seeing Trinidad & Tobago and its people develop to become an example of the Caribbean region for productivity, creative artistic expression, technological advancement, etc. His philosophy is that the direction of a country can be seen through the direction of its people (citizens). It…

Bernadette Slowey is an Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Coach, Speaker and Writer /Ep2569

Bernadette Slowey- Bernadette Slowey : Director⎮Producer⎮Writer⎮TV Personality⎮Public Speaker As the founder of Vast Universe Productions, Bernadette Slowey directed, produced, co-wrote and starred in the award-winning feature length documentary Berni’s Journey. Through serendipity, the film unexpectedly follows her personal transformation while she travels with spiritual teachers through India on a quest to make a movie about difficult…
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