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Jody Maberry understands the fundamentals of successful business and knows what it takes to create magic /Ep2504

Jody Maberry-Jody Maberry: I help thought leaders, executives, and public figures clarify their message and spread their influence by developing a brand strategy and creating powerful content.We work closely together to clarify your message and distribute content through a deliberate marketing strategy where you need to use words to generate more business.I partner with executives…

Rob Farquhar is a Cairns Voice Talent and a Game Master /Ep2475

Rob Farquhar- Rob Farquhar: It's odd what has and hasn't changed since my first chat with you. I'm now The Answer to The Question of Life, The Universe and Everything (42 years old), but I lost my lady wife to liver failure just a few months ago, so now I'm working out just what that…

Marc Mawhinney helps coaches get more clients WITHOUT paid advertising! /Ep2458

Marc Mawhinney- Marc Mawhinney: I help coaches get more clients and build stronger businesses - I have a passion for this because I saw first-hand how difficult it is to do it. I hate to see coaches struggling, and made a promise that once I "made it", I would help others do the same! Since 2014,…

Chris Green is the Host of the GravityBeard Podcast /Ep2455

Chris Green- Chris Green: I’m a husband, father of three energetic boys and one precious little girl, imperfect follower of Jesus, and the host of the GravityBeard Podcast. Born in Wisconsin but grew up in Texas. I’ve had a number of strange experiences in my life. I met Joan Rivers in the gift shop at…

Anthony Verna focuses on Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights /Ep2453

Anthony Verna- Anthony Verna: Intellectual property (IP) starts with an idea. From that idea, a product or service is grown. The name of the product is its trademark. The new product can be protected by a patent. Any documentation falls under copyright. That combination grows into a business. And from that business, other ideas grow.…

Christina Canters helps people dramatically increase their influence, confidence and impact at work /Ep2448

Christina Canters- Christina Canters: Many high performing professionals, leaders and business teams are technically skilled, but struggle to communicate with confidence and clarity to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders. Coming from a technical architecture background, I know how critical good communication is to career success. I started The C Method to help people dramatically increase their…
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