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13:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Christopher Lin

Christopher Lin-Christopher Lin founded Dealergramm in July 2014 to help automotive dealers optimize the post-sales process to drive repeat/referral business through social media. He believes car sales are about continuous networking and skill building. His focus is to help car dealerships: Generate More Reviews Generate Higher Margin Referrals Improve Customer Service IndexChristopherListen another #12minconvo

12: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Phil Klutts

Phil Klutts-Phil Klutts has been married for 8 years and is a father to boys ages 6 and 4. Growing up in Protestant Christianity, Phil believes strongly that God calls us to excellence in all parts of our lives including spirituality, personally and professionally. After running his own company and working to improve operations at a…

11: Twelve Minutes Convo with Steven R. McEvoy

Steven R. McEvoy-In the last three years Steven has become a certified yoga teacher. Something he never expected. he teaches 5 classes a week. He has read a few hundred books and written reviews on many of them.Listen another #12minconvo

10: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Anthony Lambert

Anthony Lambert-Anthony Lambert is an experienced professional football coach and scout with an extensive knowledge of coaching methods and tactics with youth coaching. Through research and education he has expanded his knowledge and skill set to enable him to evolve as a coach/scout to meet the demands of the modern game. Anthony's passion for youth…

9: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Michal Stawiki

Michal Stawiki-Proven techniques from a practitioner. True stories.I'm Michal Stawicki and I live in Poland, Europe. I've been married for over 15 years and am the father of two boys and one girl. I work full time in the IT industry, and recently, I've become an author. My passions are transparency, integrity and progress.In August…

8: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Oleg Volkov

Oleg Volkov-As of 2016 Oleg is a 23-year old student with a passion for his hobbies is enrolled in one of the oldest universities of Europe. He studies languages and translation. He has awesome parents, a great sister and two cats. He takes pride in two things: finding out the meaning of his life and…

7:Anthony Lee Witt is the founder & creator of The Champion Entrepreneur

Anthony Lee Witt- Anthony Lee Witt is the founder and creator of The Champion Entrepreneur. He primarily works with individuals looking  to start the entrepreneurial journey through accountability coaching and mastermind groups. He believes that everyone can become a champion by focusing on strengths and developing a mission, vision, and purpose, their career life. http://tcepodcast.com…
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