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35:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jeff McMahon

By Engel Jones Jeff McMahon-I’ve been a trainer for almost a decade now.  My degree is in Pre-med/Pre-pharm and I am dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine.  My training style is different than most – by in large from my diverse background and expertise.  With a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, certification in lifestyle and wellness,…

34:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Daniel Bauer

By Engel Jones Daniel Bauer-Daniel Bauer: Currently I work at Brooks College Prep in Chicago (#16 in IL) an amazing school with a tremendous staff and even better student population. I am the resident expert on having difficult conversations. I am able to get staff to meet their potential by using the foundation of relationship + accountability. I…

33:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Richie Norton

By Engel Jones Richie Norton-Richie Norton is the bestselling author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid as well as the #1 Amazon download Résumés Are Dead and What to Do About It. He is an international speaker and consultant for the corporate growth and personal development industries, a social entrepreneur, and CEO and Founder of Global Consulting…

32:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Rondel Benjamin

By Engel Jones Rondel Benjamin-A lifelong disciple of Martial Arts, Rondel Benjamin has studied over 24 Different Martial tradition including Muay Thai Thai Boxing , Filipino Kali , Capoeira Angola , Russian Sambo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. After 10 years of travelling, Rondel returned to Trinidad to pursue a lifelong dream - to discover the Roots of Trinidad…

31:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Fabienne Raphaël

By Engel Jones Fabienne Raphaël-Business Coach, Speaker, Marketing Strategist, PodcasterFabienne is a former Canadian team handball Olympic athlete: a go-getter. Used to compete and hates to lose.She is an excellent communicator and best selling author.Check out This FREE offer from Fabiennemarketingtocrushyourcompetitiors.com/freeebookListen another #12minconvo

30:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Ashley Logsdon

By Engel Jones Ashley Logsdon-We all identify some people as "family". What feeling does that word bring to you? Ashley pushes the limits of your comfort zone and challenges you to create the family you WANT to come home to...by looking inward first.Ashley Logsdon takes families from surviving to thriving by helping them uncover how the uniqueness in…

29: Twelve Minute Convo w/ Ron Tsang

By Engel Jones Ron Tsang-Ron Tsang is an internationally acclaimed presentation skills expert, keynote speaker, and Amazon best-selling author of "From Presentation to Standing Ovation."Unlike many public speaking experts, Ron is a former stock analyst who has heard thousands of pitches from CEOs and CFOs. Ron was responsible for evaluating these presentations, so he has the perspective of…
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