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554: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Kim Boudreau Smith

Kim Boudreau Smith- Kim Boudreau Smith is a multi-talented CEO and business leader with a legacy of empowering thousands of women. From a corporate background in sales and marketing and over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Kim has gone on to become an #1 International Best-Selling Author with the book being one…

553: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Shawn McBride

Shawn McBride- Shawn McBride is a corporate business Attorney, Author, CPA, CEO, Business Strategist and Speaker. R. Shawn McBride is the CEO and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at McBride For Business, LLC and the Managing Member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC. McBride For Business, LLC is a boutique strategy firm focused on…

552:Dan McDaniel is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals in 10 Steps or Less

Dan McDaniel- Dan McDaniel is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals in 10 Steps or Less. Inspired by a 2014 meeting with Oprah Winfrey, he has appeared on CNBC’s The Suze Orman Show and starred in MTV’s Emmy Award-winning documentary series True Life. His major definite purpose is…

551: Twelve Minute Convos w/ James Wightman

James Wightman- Founder of The Psychology of Adulting, James Wightman has helped hundreds of people from over 33 countries step into power, independence, and ownership of their life. He’s on a mission to bring about massive change using unconventional techniques, allowing anyone ages 16-60+ to release their childhood conditioning for a new found and liberated…

549: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Heather Criswell

Heather Criswell- Heather Criswell is the founder of WiseInside, a company dedicated to guiding us back the wisdom that lies in each and every one of us. She is the co-author of “How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)”, author of Wise Talk from the Other Side, a keynote speaker, and a…

548: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Dr. Anita Jackson

Dr. Anita Jackson- Dr. Anita Jackson is the Founder and CEO of The Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network, The Unlimited Woman Global Business Academy and AMJ Productions and Publications. She is also the Sr. Executive Producer of Outrageous Success Women's Network Channel (powered by VoiceAmerica Network), producing and broadcasting online TV shows promoting the…

547: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Vanessa Jackson

Vanessa Jackson- As a living example of training for life, Vanessa's story gives us all hope to be empowered to overcome any fears, obstacles and all sorts of adversity. Starting her journey as a single teen mom, Vanessa was introduced to the business world out of desperation not only to provide for her daughter but…
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