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Mitchell Gaynor: Seeking Inspiring Stories & Projects to Lend my Voice to /Ep2689

Mitchell Gaynor- Mitchell Gaynor: I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have a “calling” to make a difference. A passion project that you turn into your life’s work is great for those who find it, but some of us, arguably the majority of us, we never figure out that one thing, that’s our…

Amanda Kingsmith, a yoga teacher, world traveler, and the host of The World Wanderers travel podcast /Ep2688

Previous Episode 1349 Amanda Kingsmith- Amanda Kingsmith: Hey, I'm Amanda! I am a yoga teacher, world traveler, and the host of The World Wanderers travel podcast and the Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.Om) podcast. I am passionate about living a life that is purposeful, and I define success through happiness and fulfillment in what…

Stacey Perlin is a Coordinator for Business Communications & Marketing, Arts & Culture, Events & Festivals /Ep2687

Stacey Perlin- Previous Episode 1976 Stacey's skills as a psychic have been in active development since 2001, since she first began reading for herself and others. Over the years, she has read for hundreds of people via one-on-one sessions, private groups, and at corporate events. Her clients feel informed and encouraged, realistically optimistic and light-hearted.…

Brian Seim, Automates and Simplify your Business Process to Increase Profits /Ep2686

Brian Seim- Previous Episode 1853 Brian Seim: "I'm a Christian, husband and father of 5 raising every age of child from 0 to 20 in only 6 years. We live in northern MN to be close to the water, snow, and wilderness for adventure and proximity to God. As a Software Entrepreneur and digital strategist…

Alessandra Catania: Storytelling your Business to Engage your Prospects and Clients /Ep2685

Alessandra Catania- Alessandra Catania: Working as a communication manager since 2002 and experienced all the different tools to create effective brand communication strategies, offline and online. Writing is my best skill: newspapers, magazines, house organs, websites, brochures, blogs, press reviews, FB fan pages, Twitter and more. I wrote and keep on writing for these media,…

David Peck’s Passion is Social Innovation and Incremental Change /Ep2684

David Peck- Previous Episode 1240 David's paramount passion is social innovation and incremental change. He makes frequent appearances as a keynote speaker, both nationally and internationally, on leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, mentorship, the Global South and social justice issues. He has presented in collaboration with organizations such as UNICEF and the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and has…

CJ Hunt is a passionate reader and writer of contemporary romance /Ep2683

CJ Hunt- Previous Episode 1239 CJ Hunt is a passionate reader and writer of contemporary romance. Her body is living happily-ever-after with her lovely game designer of a husband in Vancouver, BC, while her mind spends most of its time with her invisible friends in the fictional Vancouver Island town of Rivers End. CJ can…
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