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Rachel McGehee is an Energy Healer based in the city of Atlanta /Ep2460

Rachel McGehee-  Rachel McGehee is a musician, healer and business owner. She is a co-founder and the Connection Catalyst at Rebel + Connect. Rachel is the co-founder of Remote Leadership Summit, a retreat and conference bringing together remote leaders from around the globe to connect and share their knowledge and skills. She is an events…

Nadine Nelen: I am a psychic aura reader and healer that cuts through all the blocks and gets results /Ep2383

Nadine Nelen- Nadine Nelen: My name is Nadine Nelen, born in Belgium and in 2006 I packed to suitcases and moved to Australia (the other side of the world). I wrote a book about my life called Yes I do & I did it. I changed many things around in my life and last but not least I started…