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Joe Pardo is the CEO and Founder at 234 Threads /Ep2399

By Engel Jones Joe Pardo- Joe Pardo: Founder of 234Threads.com: Entrepreneur Apparel That Helps Homeless Start Their Own Businesses Host of the TV show "The TOP with Super Joe Pardo" watch the first episode: http://www.SuperJoePardo.com/TV Award-Winning Host of "The Business Podcast featuring Super Joe Pardo" http://www.TheBusiness.tv "Sales Won't Save Your Business" Book Out Now: http://www.SalesWont.com What’s new? Tell us a bit more…

Vinnie Tortorich is the America’s ANGRIEST Trainer /Ep2398

By Engel Jones Vinnie Tortorich- Vinnie Tortorich: My name is Vinnie Tortorich, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, speaker, podcaster and best-selling author of Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game.Some call me “America’s ANGRIEST Trainer”. Why am I so angry? Because your good intentions have been stolen! You have been duped! Yes, despite all your good honest efforts you just keep gaining weight and feeling worse.Does…

Jon Cole is the Founder of SoScial.network and CEO of Texas Disasters Inc. /Ep2397

By Engel Jones Jon Cole- Jon Cole is a visionary through and through. Hand him a problem and he’ll give you multiple ways of solving that problem. After becoming highly involved with the volunteer rescue and relief efforts associated with Hurricane Harvey, he saw numerous issues that could have easily been alleviated by just having a better way…

Dr. Robyn Odegaard is the sports coach for your health /Ep2395

By Engel Jones Dr. Robyn Odegaard- Dr. Robyn Odegaard: Growing up on a farm, I always had a lot of energy. As a teenager, someone said to me, “I used to babysit you. I have never met a two-year-old who was so exhausting.” (How do you even respond to that?) In high school, I ran cross country and track…

Christopher Lin helps people build their ideal online store /Ep2394

By Engel Jones Christopher Lin- Christopher founded Dealergramm in July 2014 to help automotive dealers optimize the post-sales process to drive repeat/referral business through social media. He believes car sales are about continuous networking and skill-building. His focus is to help car dealerships: Generate More Reviews Generate Higher Margin Referrals Improve Customer Service Index What’s new? What happened with Dealergramm?…

Jordan Goodman has helped millions of people to solve their financial problems and realize their financial dreams /Ep2392

By Engel Jones Jordan Goodman- Jordan Goodman is known as America’s Money Answers Man because he has been answering Americans’ questions about personal finance for over 40 years. His website is moneyanswers.com and he is the host of the weekly Money Answers Radio Show on the VoiceAmerica Business Network.  He was the Wall Street Correspondent at MONEY Magazine for 18…

Wayne Herring helps Entrepreneurs and Business Owners build themselves into who they want to Be /Ep2390

By Engel Jones Wayne Herring- Hey Hey!!!  I love helping business owners/entrepreneurs to GROW!!!  I have worked with a wide variety of business types.  Family businesses are a favorite of mine and I also love to focus on Sales, marketing, and leadership team growth.  My clients and I end up talking about Life and community and a lot more. …
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