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Vinnie Tortorich is the America’s ANGRIEST Trainer /Ep2398

By Engel Jones Vinnie Tortorich- Vinnie Tortorich: My name is Vinnie Tortorich, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, speaker, podcaster and best-selling author of Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game.Some call me “America’s ANGRIEST Trainer”. Why am I so angry? Because your good intentions have been stolen! You have been duped! Yes, despite all your good honest efforts you just keep gaining weight and feeling worse.Does…

Grady Craig is a full-time analyst responsible for investment structuring and analysis, business development, and supporting the company’s financing, accounting, operations, and administration /Ep2389

By Engel Jones Grady Craig- Grady Craig: After starting and pitching multiple companies over the years, Grady eventually sold the landscaping business that put him through high school and college. This economic boost afforded him the ability to move from Philly to Los Angeles and take an unpaid internship at Buffalo 8 and BondIt Media Capital — a one-stop shop for filmmakers and media moguls…

Glen Kirkpatrick enjoys sharing on how to persevere in life, the importance of finding joy, and the significance of living in the moment /Ep2388

By Engel Jones Glen Kirkpatrick- GLEN D. KIRKPATRICK, JR. and his wife Debbie make their home in San Diego, California. They have three adult sons, Terrence, Trevor, and Russell; one daughter-in-law, Carmen; and two grandchildren, one grandson named Zion, and a granddaughter named Isabel. Glen's law enforcement career spanned over 25 years. His service included working as a…

Dave Chesson is a Kindlepreneur and Online Marketing Ninja /Ep2385

By Engel Jones Dave Chesson- Dave Chesson is the guy behind, a website devoted to teaching authors about book marketing and the digital world. His works on keywords, and sales optimization have been featured and promoted by Amazon itself. Dave is also the creator of KDP Rocket, a software that helps authors see what's really going on in…

A conversation with Francie Low on how to recover from a tragic bike accident of a loved one /Ep2346

By Engel Jones Francie Low- Francie Low loves sharing a laugh or tear through published personal essays, award winning blog posts and her first book Alive and Fixable. Some of her work is on HuffPo, Literary Mama and featured posts on BlogHer. She's been on the San Francisco Bay Area NPR station twice for their listener commentary, With A Perspective and performed in Listen To Your…

Thuy Pham helps personal brands craft meaningful offers without burning out /Ep2317

By Engel Jones Thuy Pham Thuy Pham co-founded her first tech start-up in 2000 and moved to San Francisco in 2007 where she created her consulting business. With more than 20 years launching digital services for innovative companies, Thuy is passionate about helping purpose-driven brands fulfill their missions and connect with their audience in a genuine way. She also hosts a podcast show…

Bryn Drescher is an Expert in Transformational Speaking and Facilitation /Ep2275

By Engel Jones Bryn Drescher Bryn Drescher is an Expert in Transformational Speaking and Facilitation.  She has been using her unique brand of electric energy, humor, and insight to empower audiences and individuals to move toward their dreams and goals despite the obstacles in their path. She has spoken in the arenas of large and small business, education, and personal…
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