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Nathan Shooter, equip business leaders, speakers, authors and coaches with a practical framework to build a personal brand that attracts opportunities! /Ep2673

Nathan Shooter- Nathan Shooter is a speaker, podcaster and founder of Brandhood™ and Thrive Media. Since 2004 as a creative strategist, Nathan is trusted by clients around Australia and the globe, to craft purposeful and profitable brands. As an artful communicator, Nathan shares his Brandhood Map™ to equip business leaders, speakers, authors and coaches with…

Dave Stockbridge is an Auctioneer & Real Estate Industry Expert! /Ep2657

Dave Stockbridge- Non descript suburban working to middle class real estate agent with a normie life shared with a wife and 2 children at home. Over the last 2 years has been working on a formula for success for Facebook marketing for real estate agents. Organically reaching  many 1000x greater than the global average Dave…

Suzanne Duncan is an accredited mindset and behavioural coach and an author /Ep2656

Suzanne Duncan- Suzanne is an accredited mindset and behavioural coach and an author. Suzanne has trained in Meta Dynamics™ and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She uses various coaching, profiling and team building tools. She has an Honors Degree in Science, a Graduate Diploma of Education, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Her inspiration…

Tyson Franklin currently mentors podiatry business owners on how to market their businesses and how to set up systems to support their marketing strategies /Ep2616

Tyson E. Franklin- Tyson E. Franklin is a Queensland University of Technology graduate and over the past 30 years has opened, sold, taken over and relocated well over 20 podiatry businesses. He’s won numerous business Australian awards, written two books, it’s No Secret There’s Money in Podiatry and It’s No Secret There’s Money in Small Business, runs two podcast…

Mimi Emmanuel is the Author of the Holy Grail of Book Launching; writes on Health, Faith and Book Publishing /Ep2597

Mimi Emmanuel- Mimi Emmanuel lives in Wide Bay, Queensland, Australia in a treehouse overlooking the bay with her family, puppies Layla-Joy, Lilac-Delight and Sweetpea, a rescued baby magpie. She shares her lunch with the butcherbirds and geckos whilst watching the kangaroos with their joeys hop around her front yard.  Mimi writes from her recliner with…

Jodie Nevid: Helping Working Professionals Quit Their Job & Replace Their 6-Figure Salary As A Part-Time Coach, Consultant or Expert /Ep2536

Jodie Nevid- As a serial entrepreneur & business coach I help coaches, consultants and experts build the business of their dreams! When I quit my high paying corporate job the ‘dream’ was to build a business where I could: - Make 6-Figures a Year - Work 3-Days a Week - Take School Holidays Off -…

Rob Farquhar is a Cairns Voice Talent and a Game Master /Ep2475

Rob Farquhar- Rob Farquhar: It's odd what has and hasn't changed since my first chat with you. I'm now The Answer to The Question of Life, The Universe and Everything (42 years old), but I lost my lady wife to liver failure just a few months ago, so now I'm working out just what that…
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