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12minrvconvos podcast journey, Day 2 of 84, 1st 200 mile drive

1st 200 Mile DriveWhat’s the plan for Day 2 of the12minRVconvos podcast Journey.We planned to make Day 2 better than Day 1. Remember the INITIAL 12minRVconvos podcast journey goal was to get to 1001 face to face conversations while driving across North America. That goal would require an average of 12 conversations per day. On, […]


12minRVconvos journey, the official start Day 1 of 84

12minRVconvos Journey-What happened at the airport?  I have traveled to the U.S. a couple of times before and each of those trips were purpose filled. This planned 12minRVconvos journey however superceded all those and I could feel it in every fiber of my being. Our friend Alicia, who lives in the U.S. accompanied us on this […]


Caribbean Podcaster and his dream- Day 0

Caribbean Podcaster…What’s 12minRVconvos? 12-minRVconvos is an extension of my podcast 12minconvos with Engel Jones available on iTunes and Google Play. This is the name we came up for our mission, to drive across the US and Canada  in 12 weeks, interviewing 1001 past podcast guests, exploring the power of a conversation as a caribbean podcaster. I thought […]


Podcast host from the Caribbean, who’s Engel Jones?

What podcast do you host? I am the podcast host of 12minconvos with Engel Jones available on iTunes and Google Play. I LOVE GREAT CONVERSATIONS. I released my 1st podcast episode on March 31st 2016. At that time my goal was to beat John Lee Dumas of Eofire.com episode count. Why John Lee Dumas? His podcast has been one I’ve […]