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  • Caroline Wood helps small business owners to get comfy with the numbers in their business /Ep2217

Caroline Wood

Caroline Wood is a small business owner supporting other small business owners to get comfy with the numbers in their business. Getting to this place has been a winding path with Caroline starting off her working life as an Air Force Officer before training to be a chartered accountant.
Wanting to make more of a contribution to society she then volunteered in Africa before spending a number of years working in international development, including a stint in Laos.
Homesickness finally got the better of her and she headed back to Australia. After a number of different jobs, she decided to put her numbers skills to work in own business. Now she gets to work from the comfort of her own home, making the introvert in her very happy.
When not working she can be found on her couch with her two dogs reading a good book and drinking a cup of tea.

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