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Carol Zurita

My name is Carol Zurita. I am an Ecuadorian living in Shenzhen – China for the last four years and a half.

I came to China as an escape from confusions about life, family and myself. Searching for my center was my goal, and I ended up applying for a cultural exchange program for a year. I was supposed to live with a Chinese family for a complete year and look after the child. Even though my expectations were very high, it ended up being hard. Few weeks after having arrived, I quit, and it is when all began.

I saw myself in a different country with little money, not a mobile phone, not a fixed place to stay, not a job and not a word in Chinese.

As a matter of fact, it was a constant roller coaster that brought me to the scariest and dangerous experiences ever. Eventually, I found a job and the man of my dreams. Two years after I decided to quit to any job and became a mentor with the desire to be a life coach.

When I thought nothing could go wrong, one Mother’s Day he decided to walk away from home, unexpectedly. I was on my own again like in the beginning. However, this time I had the experience, the wisdom, and the faith as weapons to face this new stage.

One month after the biggest disappointment and with 15 pounds less due to the appetite loss because of the pain I became the best inspirational speaker in town.

It’s been a year since I turned to be the morning motivation column in the newspaper on the way to work.

I am proud of myself because I turned from zero to hero.

And I live miracles only because I trust that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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