1983:Carlon Newson has had a love affair with words since she heard her parent’s voices

Carlon Newson

Carlon Newson-

Carlon Newson has had a love affair with words since she heard her parent’s voices.  As a toddler she talked so much she earned from family and friends, the nicknames Radio and Talking Machine.  Carlon has since changed her major form of communication to writing.

Carlon Newson appreciates all forms of written communication.  Having written stories all her life, she decided that her next phase of life she would have her stories published and share them with like-minded people all over the world.  That is what this website is for.  Here Ciecie showcases her love of words.

You can hear her speak when you tune into her YouTube Channel were she vlogs and host her podcast channel where she interviews people that successfully reached their potential.  Talking with people is a favored past-time and she has spoken to some interesting folks on her Podcast.  If you sign up for Carlon’s newsletters you will get special short stories, blogs on writing, and publishing and where you can go to hear her speak.

Carlon has always been told, she lives in her own little world.  As Carlon has matured, her world has enlarged, and she wishes to share it with you.  http://www.cieciesworld.com

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