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How meaningful
conversations affected my career?



In my career timeline, I have moved from working with my father, to working at the same company he worked with, to now being self-employed.  My goal has always been to have a fulfilling career and not just a job.

When I reflect on where I am today I can connect each transition to at least one conversation that triggered the ignition. The following represents the impact on my career journey. 




The reward for this path which I have chosen has proven to be invaluable. Conventionally I have received  compensation in dollars and cents.  However, I've seen additional value surface in ways I did not imagine.



The Value of Work

I believe working hard is important to progress. My dedication to continuously improve comes as a result of my love for the work I do. 



Lifestyle Matters

The flexibility which my career now gives is second to none. Previously, my job was once the thing which everything else revolved. Now to every thing there is a time and a place, by my choice.

I love to travel! Conversations virtually  with amazing people from all over the world has evolved into face to face meetups (road trips) such as our 2018 North American tour.




Through conversations I'm able to Share Unique Narratives (S.U.N.) on the podcast platform and Foster Unlimited Networks (F.U.N.) by connecting amazing individuals with amazing individuals on similar paths. Helping Others Pursue Excellence has been and will continue to be one of my greatest contribution.



Accountability Consistency. Interested in learning about our accountability groups?

Angelo Spenillo In-House Counsel

A good and focused conversation with Engel as an important takeaway from my book was highlighted - don't judge something until you have tried to truly understand it.

Engel is definitely the type of person that I could have deep conversations with for much longer than 12 minutes. The art of good conversations has gotten lost in our world of brevity and texts. It is nice for open-minded thinkers to keep those conversation skills sharp because oftentimes, you can learn a lot about yourself, too!

Donnie Bryant Copywriter

Knowing Engel is a blessing as he's a great guy with a huge heart. Beyond that, I ENJOYED the conversation and feel that we were able to put a little more goodness out into the world.

Engel skillfully guided the conversation keeping the tempo perfect so that we covered a lot of ground without feeling rushed or cut off short.

I want more people to know Engel. His podcast is terrific, and anyone who has the opportunity to be a guest will both be blessed and be a blessing to the listeners.

Amie pederson Business Stategist

A #12minconvo to get my message into the world. I had so much fun and made a new connection with Engel. I had to juggle timing with two small kids however I liked how fun it was - I still think back and smile.

Engel is kind and funny and makes you feel at ease.
Hoping to meet one day in person.


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