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Cameron Martinez

Cameron Martinez: Hey, I’m Cam! I come from the beautiful land of Denver, Colorado. I love anything that has to do with adrenaline and fitness. 

I have 3 years of college education and 0 years of work experience as I jumped straight into the world of entrepreneurship. 

After a year of building a solid network and brand in Denver, my marketing agency had a bad case of scaling too quickly and soon came crashing down. 

This caused me to rethink my decision to leave college and even led me to consider a career as a Divemaster (soon after, I blew out my ear drum on a dive and quickly ended that dream). 

Fast forward to today, I am now assisting in the growth of a membership association called LVRG that gives our community of 2,800+ entrepreneurs access to tools (like Kajabi & ActiveCampaign to name a few) at a lower price than as advertised due to our group purchasing capabilities. They are literally saving thousands of dollars every month. 

We did this without a funnel, automation, or advertising in place. We had no client acquisition, growth, or customer support strategies in place at the time. 

Since March 2018, we have saved our community of entrepreneurs over $4million annually and fed over 150,000 people around the world. 

We take a percentage of those savings to help give back to the causes that we believe in across the globe. We believe that the more entrepreneurs we serve, the more we are able to give back to those in need. 

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