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Effective conversation as  a communication tool is truly the key that can unlock your success in the world of business.  As simple as it may sound, it does take a lot of practice and effort to truly engage in conversations that are meaningful to those involved.  

According to Dr John Lund, " Don`t communicate to be understood; rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood." Here are four tips.



Be Prepared

When meeting with someone,  schedule a 3 minute buffer. Do a bit of research on the person. Through social media this is very simple to do.



Be on Time

An appreciation for another's time builds rapport for a conversation. It's you showing mutual respect.  



Be Present

Get the devices on silent or turned face down and postion yourself to actively listen.



Be a Participant

A great mix of conversation is a blend of great questions and  responses based on curiousity and not judgement. 


Accountability = Consistency.
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Judy Rodman Vocal coach

I feel truly honored to be among the fascinating guests Engel has interviewed. I feel that a community of experts in helping people and making the world a better place is a great pond to swim in!

His conversations end up being more than surface deep... they become, as this one did, a short soul chat.

I would recommend anyone to join Engel who I thought could add to the positive and enlightening chats.

Thank you for putting me in this village!

Michael OBrien Chief Shift Officer

I love Engel's mission and the opportunity to share something of value.

I love Engel's vibe. He is a giving person and helps others share their message.

Felice Cohen Author

Engel's genuine excitement for what I'm doing reengages me in my quest to accomplish more.

he is insightful and thoughtful. He listens and is engaging with the interviewee.

His friendly demeanor puts everyone at ease and makes them feel good about themselves and their achievements.

Not only is Engel a great conversationalist, but a truly special human being.

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