How conversations affected me spiritually?



Understanding and respecting each person's choice, for me was easier said than done. I believed everything I was taught as a child was the only way.

My transformation occurred when I began intentionally listening to people from all walks of life. These are four ways in which I have improved.




A clearer idea of what brought me fulfilment  occurred as I began listening to the stories of others. 



Self - Confidence

Through repetition and dedication I found that the focus on one skill created a confident approach to other things in my life. 




As I started dedicating more time to what gave me fulfilment I started to feel happier. This happiness flowed into other parts of my life. My productivity and relationships grew exponetially. 

To share what I have and know with the world and also to get the brand noticed around the world!

Sharing with others n my community and giving them value through this platform.

His heart on what he asks and shares selflessly.

Keep it up and keep it going.

Tahir Hussain Director

I feel truly honored to be among the fascinating guests Engel has interviewed. I feel that a community of experts in helping people and making the world a better place is a great pond to swim in!

His conversations end up being more than surface deep... they become, as this one did, a short soul chat.

I would recommend anyone to join Engel who I thought could add to the positive and enlightening chats.

Thank you for putting me in this village!

Judy Rodman Vocal coach

I love Engel's mission and the opportunity to share something of value.

I love Engel's vibe. He is a giving person and helps others share their message.

Michael OBrien Chief Shift Officer

Interested in an accountability group with me?


Engel Jones




I love great conversations and I've had the pleasure of engaging in over 3000 of them with AMAZING people from all over the world. From the virtual space, to the face to face, on our North American road trip.

By having these conversations I am able to share my vision of S.U.N. & F.U.N. which represents Sharing Unique Narratives and Fostering Unlimited Networks. 

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