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Bryn Drescher

Bryn Drescher is an Expert in Transformational Speaking and Facilitation.  She has been using her unique brand of electric energy, humor, and insight to empower audiences and individuals to move toward their dreams and goals despite the obstacles in their path. She has spoken in the arenas of large and small business, education, and personal development.  Bryn believes that we all have what is necessary to achieve anything once we move beyond self-imposed limitations and blocks.  Her most recent engagement was at Inbound, HubSpot’s annual marketing conference in Boston, where she had the privilege of being a featured speaking alongside, Gary Vaynerchuk, Alec Baldwin, and Serena Williams.  The topics she is most passionate about are Leadership, Self Empowerment, and Limitless Living.  Bryn is also passionate about youth and has devoted the last 6 years to speaking all over the Los Angeles Unified School District for EduCare Foundation to high school students regarding being their best selves while pursuing their goals.

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