790:Bryan Weinert says ‘at Incipient I head up all the creative aspects and product development’

Bryan Weinart-

Bryan Weinart says Incipient is the company my partner, Amit Shah, and I found about a year ago. We have been working together off and on for about 5-6 years now. Always completed small scale development projects throughout high school and college. Amit was always a little more into the technology side and i was really into the create/product development side.
At Incipient (a custom software development company) I head up all the creative aspects and product development. Any client that comes to us wanting to create a new product will be the client type i work with. I work them through our product dvelopment processes of market research, project strategy, conceptualizing the framework, wireframing,visual design, and  rapid prototyping to ensure that there idea is fully vetted and defined prior to going into development.
I really enjoy building things from scratch and learning about new industries when working with clients. I would suggest someone to do what i do if they enjoy something different everyday and trying to innovate existing products to become more versatile and valuable to the end customers.
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