1700:Bruce Wawrzyniak is the host of the “Now Hear This Entertainment” podcast

Bruce Wawrzyniak

Bruce Wawrzyniak-

Bruce Wawrzyniak is the host of the “Now Hear This Entertainment” podcast, which has gotten listeners from 129 countries around the world.  “Now Hear This Entertainment” is a weekly show and is about to launch its milestone 200th episode (December 6th).  Bruce interviews guests who are having success in entertainment, ranging from the keyboard player for Aerosmith to the lead guitar player for Garth Brooks and the drummer for Joe Walsh and the trumpet player for Billy Joel, plus, a Grammy Award winner, a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, a Las Vegas headliner, two Emmy Award winners, and even participants from “American Idol,” “The Voice,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The X Factor.”  Bruce’s podcast has spawned a companion eBook series called, “Bruce’s Bonus,” which provides tips for entertainers for on and off the stage.  Earlier this month Bruce was a speaker at DC Podfest in Washington, D.C., and in February he will be a speaker at Podfest in Orlando, Florida.  “Now Hear This Entertainment” can be found at http://www.NHTE.net as well as on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, and TuneIn Radio.

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