Bruce Langford may just be that partner for you. He makes entrepreneurs into winners. He'll show you how to get grounded and centered

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Bruce Langford

It’s as simple as that. When people want to become focused winners at what they do, whether in their business or in their personal life, they seek out proven winning partners who will give them focus.

I’m Bruce Langford and I may just be that partner for you. I make entrepreneurs into winners. I’ll show you how to get grounded and centered so you can do what you do best – growing your business and creating the best value for your clients so you can move forward with confidence. I’ll help you make the impact you desire and enjoy the freedom you deserve in your life.

More about that in a minute. First, let’s talk about you.

You’ve achieved a lot, but you’ve noticed you have a higher level of stress than ever. You’re even feeling a little overwhelmed at times. You’ve caught yourself saying, “there’s got to be more to life than this”. A little stress is ok, but mega anxiety that threatens to shut you down is not cool.

Does this Sound Like You?

You’ve always wanted to be a winner, you have a desire to do things right, maybe even be perfect. You want to be organized and feel the rush of achieving the goals you set. You wonder why some days, you feel like you’re in a storm of anxiety.

You work hard, and you don’t deserve to feel that constant pull of negativity. You believe you have a lot to offer the world, but this negative noise is pulling you backwards.

Life is about success, but what’s your definition of success? Maybe this is somehow holding you back. Sometimes you feel like your confidence is taking a hit. You want to feel a sense of peace, a feeling of calm. You look around you and everyone else seems to have their act together. Deep down you know you could feel a greater sense of reward, a quiet happiness.

If this feels like you, hold on. There’s a better way.

You’re in the right place

For the past 5 years I’ve been helping people become more calm, focused and happy … through mindfulness.

I’ve always loved helping others, and have worked in the field of bullying prevention starting in 2003. As I helped hundreds of students and adults through bullying situations, I began to use mindfulness techniques more and more to help them regain their confidence and happiness.

Would you like to feel more grounded with less stress and anxiety?

That’s exactly how my coaching clients feel after they’ve applied mindfulness to their lives. You can too. You see a lot of my clients come to me looking for tools and skills to empower them in their personal or business life. The truth is, tools are about 10% of the equation. The other 90% is about mindset. That’s where I come in. I’ve learned from amazing, successful people who have mindfulness nailed. People like Pat Flynn, Jay Papasan and John Lee Dumas.  I’ve learned so much from my mentors and passed this knowledge on to my clients.

I love helping people just like you!

If you’re looking for more peace in your life, a sense of contentment, I can help you with that. The first step is to find out if we’re the right fit for each other. If you’d like to connect for a free 20 minute chat, send me an email at

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