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Briana Bragg 


Brianna Bragg: Author, speaker, social media expert, mindfulness coach, and meditation industry leader—as a successful, energetic, and highly driven visionary and entrepreneur, Briana Bragg loves life and lives it on-the-go!

Briana founded Business Bragger, a digital marketing company specializing in social media, while she was still in school finishing her marketing degree at Florida Atlantic University. Her digital savvy quickly attracted clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and within three years, she was managing over 100 accounts. Like many high-achievers, though, Briana’s habits did not always support her

lifestyle. In 2013, the frenetic pace of working without rest started to take a real toll; stressed, anxious, and facing total burn-out, she started searching for holistic ways to unplug and refocus. She began practicing meditation regularly, and the powerful positive results transformed her life.

Overcoming her own depression and burnout wasn’t enough. Looking around, Briana saw other fantastic entrepreneurs and business professionals who are overwhelmed and burning out, unable to feel better about themselves and the world around them. She wanted to help them accomplish a more balanced lifestyle as she had. She devoted herself to developing the proper techniques, tools, and training to empower individuals to utilize meditation to achieve greater success in all areas of their lives.

With a mission to touch one million lives or more for positive change, Briana has expanded her reach beyond individual instruction—from guiding group meditations at live events to teaching her meditative techniques to teams, from bringing meditation into the corporate wellness space to teaching others how to teach others. Working with her team of trained, talented, and dedicated instructors, she’s exponentially increased her impact and her ability to change lives with the powerful Vacation of the Mind programs.


If you’re interested in booking Briana for individual meditative coaching or corporate team meditation, attending one of her events, or pursuing certification, contact her today at Briana@Vacationofthemind.com. You can also visit http://www.VacationoftheMind.comfor more information and resources.


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