1853:Brian Seim is a Digital Strategist & a Software Entrepreneur

1853:Brian Seim is a Digital Strategist & Software Entrepreneur

Brian Seim

Brian Seim-

Hi, I am Brian Seim. I help youth sports clubs get the right technology tools in the right places so that managing their money, staff, programs, teams, parents, and members is easy.

As a ski racing coach of 15 years and volunteer soccer coach for years, I know the ins and outs of athlete, team, organization, and parent management and integration. As a digital strategist of over 20 years and having worked in a jack of all trades capacity for most of it, I am able to get your technology to work together and work for you OR create new technology web or mobile applications that serves your business or organization by creating value in streamlined process, customer experience.

One thing I don’t do is work by the hour becuase that puts us at odds. Instead, I use a Dynamic Discovery process and business consulting to provide immediate value to you which usually leads to ongoing value generation towards your goals. Working as your consultant or as a project based software developer we have a common goal: complete the project and continually increase value.

We never discuss hours or “that wasn’t included”. We have conversations about where we’re at today and how that aims at our goal. We learn about, create, and improve processes to make your team and organization better at delivering the “special sauce”. With added efficiency and expertise you will continue to grow and provide more and more with less and less effort.

Now for the technobabble: I buld full stack ASP.NET C# Web, API, and Mobile Applications which are enhanced by JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap and empowered by Microsoft Azure, MSSQL.

I get tools and apps to work together to save you time and money.

I turn spreadsheets into Apps and databases.

I make your life easier.

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