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Brandon Schaefer- 

Brandon Schaefer is a corporate business strategist whose strengths lie in helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders, improve their sales processes, improve their client and prospect communications, and improve their lead generation campaigns. Brandon assists his clients in discovering the best ways to effectively manage their business processes, including leveraging employee engagement, social media marketing, content marketing, and network marketing.

Brandon has considerable experience in streamlining business processes to maximize productivity, working with executive leadership to come up with new ways to grow the business, forming enterprise content marketing strategies, analyzing data to make more informed educated business decisions, and creating personalized marketing and lead generation campaigns that get results. Brandon helps his customers be accountable, consistent, and accurate, in every aspect of their business.

Brandon is extremely popular among his executive peers, and he’s well known wherever he goes. Brandon shares his real life experiences with every corporation and executive that he works with, and he has a special way of forming long-term “family” type relationships with his clients. Brandon always tells it exactly how it is in business, never sugar coats anything, is always genuine, is always sincere, and is always helpful and available whenever and wherever clients need him.

Brandon thrives in high intensity corporate environments and he continues to have success in providing solutions to some of the most successful companies that exist in today’s marketplace. 


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