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Brandon Allen-

Brandon spent the first decade of his career in leadership and operations in the banking and finance sector.  After leaving the corporate world, Brandon became the COO of Engenuity/Freedom FastTrack where he helped to guide the company to the Inc. 500 and Utah 100 twice.

After 12 years of working for other people, Brandon decided to start his own consulting company, New Work Revolution, in 2008.

With New Work Revolution, Brandon has helped thought leader become New York Times Best Sellers, helped companies make the Inc. 500 and helped numerous companies hit their growth and expansion goals.

Brandon has been hired to consult in a number of different areas for clients such as; leadership, strategic planning, management training, market, training development, product development and company expansion.  Through his training career, Brandon has worked with church leaders, government leaders, medical professionals, executives and small business owners in a number of different fields.

In addition to the coaching work that he does, Brandon can also be found blogging at newworkrevolution.com where he also does a weekly leadership podcast of the same name.  Brandon is also a guest contributor for TDS Business.  In addition to his online content creation, Brandon is the author of two books:

Total Experience Design: How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market

The Management Playbook: Be The Common Denominator of Success

Brandon Allen is the facilitator of the highly rated business leadership training, The Strategic Business Forum Workshops, which are held in Salt Lake City and Atlanta.  In addition to workshop training, Brandon speaks all over the country on leadership, experience design and productivity.

Brandon has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Economics for Southern Utah University.  Brandon has done various leadership, marketing, speaking and management training and continues to be an avid learner in his field of expertise.

When Brandon is not coaching, he spends his time in Salt Lake City with his wife and four girls.


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