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Bob Minhas builds experts. His seventeen-year career building his own expert brand and coaching entrepreneurs have guided him to master the difference between entrepreneur and authority. He began by building a quarter million dollar tech business with no advertising that garnered him celebrity status with appearances on HGTV. His business volume grew, but his business acumen was still developing. After a devastating life event, he realized he failed to build a business and life that was stable, sustainable or scalable. He lost it all: his home, his family, and his business.

Over the next several years Bob coached aspiring business owners and established entrepreneurs ready to level up with his unique approach of combined intuition and business sensibility. He was recruited for his entrepreneur spirit and effective skills by regional government small business development offices, but Bob just couldn’t conform to the controlled and unimaginative procedures of the public sector. His workshops and presentations were calling him to something more.

At one of the lowest points in his career Bob wrote, in a single night, the book concept that would change his career and his life. From Addict to Expert maps his journey of dysfunction with business and people, and his recovery to live in a place of authenticity despite financial hardships and lost friendships. Bob began first to understand himself, changing his view of success and purpose. He began studying under high level coaching, using new knowledge and past experience to create his own unique actionable steps. He also surrounded himself with a positive network of people; strategic alliances to support his personal life and his career.

He has now coached over 500 clients through workshops and individual coaching. He offers live workshops and online success strategies for small business and digital media, and individual coaching for experts. He is a student first, continuing to engage in business and soul work. He is a master networker and connector. He embraces opportunities as a workshop leader and speaker to deliver valuable content and fluid connection to his audience. His humour and personal story captivate and inspire. And he has the unique ability to mold examples and solutions in the moment for specific business inquiries, while staying on his teaching platform.

Bob is a proud father to three future leaders. He can be found centring on a yoga mat, spouting off lyrics from 90’s pop music, or nerding out over learning something new when he isn’t working.

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