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Bill Nowicki-

Bill Nowicki gave up a promising career scooping ice cream, to begin a career in the US Navy. He spent 6 years in the service and operated a nuclear submarine somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean during the 1980’s.

After that he went to college and started working as an engineer at nuclear plants in the US.
When Bill moved to Marietta, Georgia in 2012, he knew he was missing something in his life. His job was a lot different from managing a large engineering organization and he had a difficult time adjusting. So he met with a coach, Gary O’Malley and they figured out that Bill was wired to be involved in podcasting, video and storytelling…
So in 2014, Bill launched, Submarine Sea Stories podcast, and with nearly 100,000 downloads, is one of the most popular military podcasts on iTunes.
In July 2016, Bill decided it was time for a new podcast, so he launched Marietta Stories, a local podcast dedicated to his great adopted home town of Marietta, Georgia. He is finding relationship building is easy and the podcast is jump starting his video business.


“Join” Bill’s Transitioning Vets Closed Group FB Page:  www.facebook/TransitioningVets

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  • Drop him an email at: bill@transitioningvets.com

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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