Bill Murray is the Host at “Community Matters” & “Stop Child Abuse Now” Talk Radio Shows /Ep2322

Bill Murray is the Host at “Community Matters” & “Stop Child Abuse Now” Talk Radio Shows /Ep2322


Bill Murray

Bill Murray comes from an Irish Catholic family and is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) beginning at 11 years old. Over three consecutive summers he was assaulted by a counselor at a Catholic summer camp. The predator took thousands of pre-pubescent pornographic photos of Bill, too, and eventually there was a two-week long kidnapping and sex-trafficking where he was taken to multiple states and Canada .. and abused by multiple pedophiles.

The first person he decided to tell about the abuse was a priest at a minor seminary Bill attended, a boarding school in PA, St Vincent Prep. But he became Bill‘s next abuser. Through his first 2 years at this Catholic high school, Bill was sexually abused by several of the monks/clerics, including his Latin teacher who abused him off campus, and at a convention.

Living with the psychological damage of the constant trauma deeply affected him, and he became aggressive in school, struggled with classwork, and felt uncertain about his sexual identity. Counselors and others never asked if he had been abused, instead labeling him as having ‘lack of motivation.’

When he was 30 years old Bill was able to seek help and healing from the trauma, and at 65 he now has been in CSA recovery for 35 years.

In spite of his humble claim to be “just a guy” with no special training, he’s been able to connect with and help thousands of other survivors of all types of child abuse through our NAASCA community. 

In his career, Bill worked with some success in show business. He’s also been a long-standing volunteer with the Los Angeles Police and Sheriff Departments. 

In addition to NAASCA, nearly 20 years ago he founded and still manages the LA Community Policing website.

Now retired, Bill is continuing to work as hard as ever and devotes the majority of his time to running NAASCA and LACP. Bill says, ” There have been literally thousands of people who have contributed to my recovery over the years, most of who I’ll never specifically remember. ” However, he gives special thanks to his, ” wonderful wife, Christina, who is not a survivor, but supports what I do completely. I could not run NAASCA without her.” 

Outside of his volunteer work week, Christina and Bill share their home with their little lap dog, Jack. They recently enjoyed the first ‘deliberate vacation’ Bill had since he was a child camping, and they hope to spend more time traveling and camping in the near future.


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