809:Beejal Parmar facilitates gamified business training events and full immersion experiential retreats


Beejal Parmar-

Beejal Parmar facilitates gamified business training events and full immersion experiential retreats for his corporate clients and entrepreneurs.

His approach is unique and full of character… quite literally. As a speaker, he uses a vast array of characters to engage, entertain and educate and empower his audience, making him unique in the world of professional speaking. However, this is no stage gimmick. Beejal reflects the industry belief that the audience remembers less that 2-5% of what is taught, they rarely go back to their notes. However, they rarely forget an experience. Each character is an anchor to the content, and rarely does his audience forgot Beejal keynotes, workshops and training events!

He is also is a sought-after business coach and consultant, he travels the world sharing his inspiring story, teaching people how to discover the gifts of their past, unlock the secrets and potential of their personality, how to design a life plan based on their uniqueness, how to overcome failure by better mastering emotions, stress and anxiety, and how to create better faster results in their business.

But just a few years ago, he was a man desperate to find answers to life’s toughest questions while enduring a period of personal hardship that seemed to have no end. Despite the setbacks, he remained a dedicated husband and father, and continued to follow his path through his life adventure.

In 2010, Beejal and his family, sold most of their things, packed 4 bags and started a 5-year global adventure that lasted five years. During that time he lived the laptop lifestyle, that others talk about, but have never done! While traveling the world he helped build 3 businesses, empowered hundreds all over the world, all while homeschooling his two daughters, together with his wife, Yogi.

Beejal loves to create incredible training experiences for his clients that put the word fun back into learning, such as Musketeer Training and Jedi Path Training.


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