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Becky Migas 

Becky Migas is the owner of B.Green Events and is located in Denver, Colorado. B.Green Events, event planning, management and consultation company, works with events in all industries to design and manage events with environmental sustainability in mind from beginning to end. By RE-thinking the event planning process, we can create events with a clean environment for patrons, clients, employees, volunteers, sponsors, and of course, Mother Earth. Becky brings over 10 years of event planning and management experience to her passion for environmental sustainability. She looks at all aspects of the event from production, operations, vendors, sponsorships, front of house and more to produce fun and exciting environmental events by RE-thinking and implementing the 5 RE’s—Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle (&Compost) in a creative and cost-effective way.


In addition to her business, Becky is very active with her undergrad alma mater, The Ohio State University. She is currently the Vice President of the alumni club in Colorado. The Club focuses on fundraising for scholarships, sending two to three students from Colorado to the university every year. In addition to her alumni club, Becky runs an arthritis support group. “I’ve lived with rheumatoid arthritis since I was four,” she says. Her group has regular social and educational meetings to support folks with all stages of arthritis. “It helps people get through the day-to-day.” When she’s not running meetings and events, Becky enjoys the great outdoors with her longtime boyfriend, Chris. Being so close to Rocky Mountain National Park gives them the opportunity to hike regularly.


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