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Barry Watson-

Sales Enthusiast, Barry Watson…

I love selling! However, there’s no two ways about it, selling can be incredibly difficult at times! Having started my sales career nervously cold calling around local businesses while being on 100% commission, I know what’s it’s like to sink or swim in selling. Some days you rock, and other days it feels like you’re being smashed against the rocks!


It’s in those tough times that I learned what it takes to be mentally strong, and the exact sales skills needed to rise above difficulties, close deals and make money.

Since those early days, I’ve had the privilege of being the #1 sales person in two large national companies. I’ve also coached and training 1000’s of sales people and given them the tools needed to build a highly rewarding career.

I live in New Zealand, and are happily married to my wife of 24 years; Nicola, and we have two older daughters.



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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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