747:Axel Howerton is the  author of the Arthur Ellis Award nominated Hot Sinatra

Axel Howerton-

Axel Howerton is the  author of the Arthur Ellis Award nominated Hot Sinatra, the modern Gothic fairytale Furr, and the forthcoming Wolf & Devil urban fantasy series.

Axel is the former Prairies region Director of the Crime Writers of Canada, as well as a member of the Calgary Crime WritersThe Kintsugi Poets, and the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. He is a columnist, speaker and creative writing instructor, and his short fiction and essays have appeared the world over, in places like Big PulpFires on the PlainSteampunk OriginalsNight ShadeSleuth MagazineA Career Guide To Your Job In Hell and “The Big Lebowski” compendium Lebowski 101. He is also the editor of the books Death by Drive-In,  Tall Tales of the Weird West , and AB Negative and is the organizer behind one of Canada’s first recurring Noir At The Bar events, #NoirBarYYC.

When he’s not on-duty as a hometown anti-hero, Axel spends most of his time roaming the untamed prairies of Alberta with his two brilliant young sons and a wife that is way out of his league. Visit him online at http://www.axelhow.com

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