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Engel Jones was born and raised on the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad and Tobago and he loves great conversations. He is the podcast host of the #12minconvos. His passion is to help you find Y.O.U.R.S - Your Own Unique Real Self. After having 1001 conversations in 3 months he uncovered Y.O.U.R.S, a workbook used to reconnect you to the hidden passion and purpose which is essential to creating a brand of Y.O.U.R.S.Engel believes and lives the principle of Zig Ziglar where you can have everything in life if you help enough other people get what they want


Roger Salam is an award-winning inspirational speaker, best-selling author and global Mastermind leader /Ep2694

Roger Salam- Previous Episode 1809 Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, an invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, thought-leaders and Influencers.  His organizes and facilitates world-class mastermind events all across the globe both on land and at sea that accelerate, amplify & maximize business & life. Roger was […]


Todd Nevins is the host of the Go Hunt Life podcast /Ep2693

Todd Nevins-Previous Episode 1308 Todd Nevins is the host of the Go Hunt Life podcast (103 episodes concluded in the fall of 2018) and the Founder of CLICKPlacement, a Google Ads Agency.Since the last conversation on episode 1308, Todd and his wife Allison have moved from Austin Texas in March of 2018 and have been Digital Nomads throughout Mexico. They […]


Erik Seversen Helps People Reach Bigger Goals than they thought Possible through Motivational and Practical Content /Ep2692

Erik Seversen- Previous Episode 1319 “Ordinary to Extraordinary” is something Erik Seversen (SEE-ver-sin) lives by, and he’s been pretty successful at it. Born into an average, middle-class family in a suburb of Tacoma, Washington, Erik received no support from school counselors and others, but Erik didn’t let them crush his desire to accomplish amazing things. Erik also took life experiences, like rejection from his […]


Lee Elias: My mission is to inspire organizations to embrace that ideal /Ep2691

Lee Elias- Previous Episode 1632 Lee Elias: Game Seven Group was created through my consulting and coaching work with several sports and business organizations. In addition to being an author and coach at the professional and collegiate level, my professional experience includes having worked with organizations such as the NHL, NBC, Hearst Media, A&E, Madison […]

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