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Astrid F. Kowlessar


Astrid F. Kowlessar believes strongly in progress. Progress truly strengthens individuals, communities, businesses, and governments.  Astrid F. Kowlessar has 15+ years of expertise in comprehensive strategic planning, organizational structure, and employee engagement with emphasis on governance. Astrid is passionate about connecting with people and organizations for value sharing and growth. She is always keen on attracting like-minded institutions to collaborate.

After completing degrees in International Studies and Economics/Finance summa cum laude from Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida USA in May 2000, Astrid held the position of Research Analyst, supporting former Undersecretary of Commerce Tony Villamil and his team at the Miami Florida based Washington Economics Group.  

Astrid assisted Citi’s Corporate Bank deal team as Risk Manager. In May 2007, she was handpicked as one of thirteen analysts from the entire Latin American region to be part of the Latin American Portfolio Management, headquartered at Banco Citibank, Brazil. She focused on a portfolio of 30 relationships within the energy, infrastructure and retail sectors, concentrated in the Caribbean and Central America. Upon leaving Citigroup, Astrid held the position of Account Manager for Barbadian securities firm Sagicor Merchant Ltd., a Trinidad based subsidiary of Sagicor Life Inc. At Sagicor, Astrid led deal closure on Public Private Partnership estate projects within Barbados and Antigua.

Astrid currently is Director, Business Strategy to Vezta & Co., a Miami Florida and Caribbean boutique management consultancy involved in region-wide business development, strategic planning and sustainable project management.  She was interviewed by the International Alternative Investment Review on “Sustainable Corporate Governance and Disaster Response.”  She has been extensively involved in accessible infrastructure capital improvement within Miami-Dade County via Reynolds Smith & Hills.    Astrid served on the Programs & Events Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM). She is a member of the US Women Speakers Association, US lobby group Business Forward., contributor to the Financial Policy Council, and Advisory Board Member of Inzsure Pte Ltd out of Singapore.

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