Ashwin Srisailam, Co-founder, Visionary & Content Driver behind Ahhaa.

1653:Ashwin Srisailam is the Co-founder, Visionary & Content Driver behind Ahhaa.

Ashwin Srisailam-

Ashwin Srisailam is the Co-founder, Visionary & Content Driver behind Ahhaa.

A humanitarian, public speaker and former monk with over two decades of learning and teaching others on how to live a life of inner happiness.

He became a monk at the age of 13, spent 17 years traveling the world helping people find inner clarity & freedom. He adopted deep practices and processes in those years for himself finding the essence of life and guided people from that place of Inner Awareness. He has always shared with people a “Life of Inner Awareness” as ultimate tool to success & fulfillment. Ashwin has spoken in more than 45 countries and interacted with countless people guiding them to discover life vision and passion.

Various celebrities like Rick Allen (Deff Leppard), Goldie Hawn, Lubov Azria(BCBG) have struck a deep chord with Ashwin understanding all about life growth. Ashwin had one of his most memorable experience guiding and helping the legendary Michael Jackson during his last three years. Michael was one of Ashwin’s best friends and the time spent together is cherished by Ashwin all the time.

Michael introduced Ashwin to Oscar winner A.R Rahman who later launched the Ahhaa Platform in April 2015. Two decades of helping people took him to a point of realization where he saw Internet to be a great tool to create a platform where both online (Internet / Virtual Reality) and offline (Ahhaa Space) plays a fine role to guide and shape the minds of the world. Today Ashwin is focussed on inspiring the best of humanity through technology and still continues to guide people wherever he goes.
He has also spoken and conducted meditation at the United Nations (UN).

Ashwin also serves as adjunct faculty teaching “Life Design” for Avantika University, India.

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