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Ashley James-

Ashley James is an entrepreneur, Success Coach and podcaster.Her podcast is called Learn True Health where she interviews holistic health experts and doctors of Naturopathic medicine.

Through the interviews, her expert guests teach listeners how to gain health naturally through holistic medicine, diet, supplemental nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ashley makes sure that listeners learn Natural Medicine Life Hacks for gaining energy, better sleep, a boosted immune system and an overall feeling of awesomeness!

When Ashley was 19 she was told by conventional doctors that she would not be able to have kids. Through holistic medicine, Ashley healed and today her and her husband have a wonderful 19 month old boy! All thanks to natural medicine!

When Ashley is not hosting her podcast or spending quality time with her son and husband she is coaching enterprises oh how to achieve greater success in their business through mindset and empowerment techniques for eliminating fear and anxiety.


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