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Angelique Beauregard –  

Angelique Beauregard is devoted to helping women lose weight permanently, so they can confidently show up in bodies they love. Having overcome her own lifelong struggles with weight loss, she is an inspirational leader in her field.

She is the author of her upcoming book, “A Second Coming of Age: The Road to Becoming a Healthy, Wealthy Modern Golden Girl” in which she shares how she lost fifty pounds in her first year of menopause.

As a Certified Transformational Health Coach and Weight Loss Specialist, she offers coaching services to midlife women around the globe.

She is currently working toward specialist certifications in digestive health, autoimmune disease, hormone health, diabetes, cancer, mental health, emotional eating, and natural health.

She is also a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator.

Angelique lives on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, with her amazing and supportive husband and two beautiful daughters.


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