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Angela Pitter

Angela Pitter is Founder and CEO of LiveWire Collaborative, a digital marketing consultancy. She’s known for building comprehensive solutions that expand and strengthen customer engagements. Services at LiveWire Collaborative include: Online Strategy Development and Implementation for mid-size businesses, Social Media Training for corporations or organizations, one-on-one Executive Coaching,Social Media Analysis, as well as Facebook Ads and Email Marketing. Additionally, she’s trained intactboards and teams on how to build thought leadership and become social ambassadors as well as severalhundred professionals on hot topics such as “How to” Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and “Unleashing Your SuperPowers with Video”. Angela is a highly sought-after speaker who was recently featured on Chronicle’s, WCVB TV social media segment, has spoken at the Massachusetts Conferencefor Women, CWE Women’s Business Leaders Conference and Needham Business Association to name a few.

Previously, Angela spent 20+ years in high-tech and brings extensive experience leading global teams and products to the market. She holds an M.S. in Administration and B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Follow me on Twitter: @angelapitter 

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