1543:Andres Escobar was born in Colombia and has no drug ties to...)

1543:Andres Escobar was born in Colombia and has no drug ties to the cartel.

Andres Escobar

Andres Escobar-

Andres Escobar was born in Colombia and has no drug ties to the cartel.  He served in the US Air Force for 6 years and reached the rank of Senior Airman.  His job was to help our military feel at home away from home. 

For Andres it’s second nature to be able to connect with people.  He studied sales, marketing & business technologies in depth at Florida Atlantic University

Andres has helped many industries with their sales and marketing which include but not limited to:

He was known for having an extensive investor email list in 2005 and was able to partner with key players in the real estate industry.  Andres later continued to work in the real estate industry as a mortgage lender marketing his and his wife’s realtor business. 

He has spoken at many non-profit groups helping 1st time buyers & has led many Financial Peace classes and specializes in the Buyer Beware Course. In 2014 he realized he truly enjoyed developing businesses with marketing strategies and his out the box thinking really gave him fulfillment.

He has found that for his brick and mortar business nothing beats Local SEO. He loves to share his Review Response Template which help business owners reply to customers good and bad reviews.

In his free time, Andres loves to be part of his wife’s and children’s activities on the weekend and loves God above anything else.   He gets reenergized when speaking with people and gives as much as he gets form it. He is grateful for his family and the opportunity to give value to the people around him.


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